"Winner of the Freedman Award on Australia by Design, Innovations." 

MF PrepS revolutionizes the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Through innovative functionality, this Mobile Food Preparation Station improves safety, hygiene, waste management and efficiency.

Australia By Design: Innovations Season 3, Winner of the Freedman Award.

The Concept

The concept of MF Preps was born from 30 years of experience in the catering industry. Having reflected deeply on this experience, it became clear that there were multiple safety issues with the current and widely used commercial kitchen set-up. Manual handling injuries are a daily occurrence and to this day reports of non-compliance with hygiene standards are well documented. In addition, in a world where recycling and waste management are more important than ever, kitchens are failing to manage waste appropriately. MF PrepS a space saving, safer, more hygienic preparation station that also incorporates an enhanced waste management capacity..

space saver


This innovative product is designed to save kitchen space and boasts the following features:

· It fits through the average kitchen door providing easy access to cold rooms and store rooms

· It is flexible with the capacity to rotate 360 degrees

Its multi functional design and flexibility mean less kitchen clutter.

Smart and Safe


MF PrepS adheres to the old adage – work smarter not harder.

· Its mobility and portability make it an agile system

· It easily configures with existing fittings

· Its integrated design – knife blocks, chopping boards and storage area – streamlines the work process

The product integrates safety into its design and production.

· It limits the need for carrying heavy objects

· It reduces the chances of slips and trips

Its clever production and thoughtful design – rounded edges on wheels – facilitates outside hosing for better hygiene. .

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